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At Chapmans Chartered Accountants our people are our greatest asset.


We offer a uniquely challenging and diverse work environment which encourages our team to make a lasting impact and realise their career goals.


As a registered training office with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (ICAZ), we offer aspiring Chartered Accountants relevant and well-rounded practical experience and training across a wide range of disciplines and industries.


We appreciate that the journey to become a Chartered Accountant is demanding and as such, we support our trainees through a generous study leave policy as well as financial support towards their academic courses.


If you are an aspiring Chartered Accountant looking to grow in an environment where excellence and integrity are rewarded, we are looking for you. We offer three-year and five-year ICAZ training contracts.


Due to the challenging nature of training to become a Chartered Accountant our minimum requirements are as follows:

Chapmans are an equal opportunities employer and pride themselves on their diverse workforce.

To apply for a training contract at Chapmans Chartered Accountants please send an email to


Please include:

 - a cover letter,

 - a detailed resume, and

 - scanned copies of your academic qualifications.