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Our specialist tax team has a broad knowledge of the statutory and compliance requirements for all the tax heads and they have the ability to assist with the interpretation and practical application of Zimbabwe’s complex tax laws.


Our service offerings include:

This includes tax registrations, tax computations and returns, payment processing, reconciliation of tax ledgers, obtaining tax clearance certificates.  We are also able to host Fiscalised Tax Registers as part of our full outsource offering.  We are
also able to represent or support our clients on ZIMRA  interviews.

Tax Advisory
This includes the provision of tax advice/opinions and exploring tax planning opportunities and group reconstructions.


Dispute Prevention and Resolution
We offer a comprehensive tax health check service to enable you to identify potential tax risks in your business. We offer support on audits and investigations, objections and appeals.


Transfer Pricing
We offer transfer pricing services. We also have a referral network of international transfer pricing advisors that allow us to offer this service also in respect of groups of companies with cross border operations.


To keep our clients aware of emerging tax issues, we communicate regularly by way of informative newsletters and periodic training sessions.

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